The Dream

Our Story

227 Abolitionist Place was a safe haven made possible by abolitionists Thomas and Harriet Lee Truesdell, who made tremendous sacrifices for enslaved people of African descent, women, and indentured servants. Today, it continues to be a safe haven for all who believe in justice, equality and dignity. While the home is no longer threatened with the wrecking ball, many difficult challenges remain. Massive hotels and other mega-developments are rising on every side.

With contributions made by concerned citizens, proceeds pay for legal expenses, monthly utilities and future renovation plans. Joy Chatel always expressed that 227 Abolitionist Place belonged to the people. It is with that same constitution that we appeal to those who strongly believe this home is a crucial part of American History deserving preservation.

Mission Statement

227 Abolitionist Place is Brooklyn’s only underground railroad museum dedicated to the preservation of abolitionist history.


To celebrate the diversity of downtown Brooklyn, we will offer educational and arts programs regarding people’s struggles and triumphs against slavery through museum exhibits with tours of the underground railroad, scholarly lectures, cultural enrichment classes and children’s summer camps. 227 Abolitionist Place will also become a rental event space for the community.